Felicity Hogan’s work will be included in a three-person show at KMOCA, Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts opening September 7, 2013 exhibiting with artists Gabe Brown and Lauren Sandler.

My work is a visual exploration of abstract dialog, installations of paintings that exist in conversation with each other (and myself) whether broken or seamless. The series Serious Endeavors began in 2010 at the Residency for Arts Workers as Artists at EFA Project Space. I harnessed the creative energy of the intensive two-week period deciding to paint intuitively in a direct and spontaneous manner. The final result was an large scale installation of paintings, on canvas and paper that spilt out from the wall to the floor. Muddy and splotched images were juxtaposed alongside bright contrasted minimalist and gestural works. Serious Endeavors expanded upon the show I had just curated in the same gallery space called “Word-Less” that explored aspects of “blind” communication: narratives transmitted though gesture and/or symbolism rather than the written word. 

I continued my investigation of the theme on-site at Mildred’s Lane in Pennsylvania, allowing the environment to direct and lead the energy of my color and brush strokes creating visual poetry, hence Mildred’s Lane Haiku. Building on the current subject matter of my work, Fetch the Stream was created in response to 100 words of writer Ron Richter for the group exhibition Worth Telling at Abrazo Interno Gallery, NY. As I develop these ideas further, paintings are juxtaposed in a variety of configurations to reveal new conversations and expand on old. Dialogues are created through works that are often made over several years, allowing for heavy, textural and layered works alongside fresh, gestural, bold and striking paintings. Color is a strong influence, a bright and vibrant palette informs the energy of the work as a whole

 KMOCA, Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts